Solid Rosewood 6 Chairs Dinner Set Table

Table dimensions (width / depth / height): 180+ (2 × 45) / 100/76 cm

Chair dimensions (width / depth / height): 45/45/100 cm

Color: As per attached photos

Type of wood: Indian rosewood

In Stock

Solid rosewood dinner set consisting of a fold-out table and six chairs. The whole is made of 100% solid Indian rosewood. The table and Indian chairs are dark browns in color. The chairs have full backrests, thus looking quite austere. The unadorned surfaces of all the elements of this set expose the beautiful wood grain and give this set a modern style. The table can be folded from 180/100/76 cm to 270/100/76 cm. The chairs are 100 cm high and the seat is 45/45 cm high.

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