Sheesham Wood Solid Metal Furniture Sideboard

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This piece of furniture has been handcrafted by traditional artisans in India and takes 3 to 4 days to manufacture. The article has an individual structure of the wood. (Knotholes, cracks, a play of colors, or different grains are part of this natural wood product. The scrap metal is old and can have rust spots. This is intentional. The existing signs of use give an antique character.  Great extremely heavy and massive goods, for lovers of the unusual and not for perfectionists, the

goods are new and in their original packaging.

Due to temperature fluctuations during sea transport from India to Germany and the changing room climate, the woodworks and doors/drawers may be slightly warped, or that this still happens with time after delivery. Unfortunately, this cannot be prevented and we cannot accept it as a reason for complaint. However, it can be regulated again by grinding.

We source this furniture from India from various manufacturers. The goods reach our warehouse by sea container in Germany and are then delivered from the port by train combined with the truck. From our warehouse, for safety reasons – to avoid transport damage – the furniture is loaded by freight forwarders and brought directly to you.

Please also note that this furniture cannot be associated with the relentless mass destruction of huge forest areas. This furniture is made exclusively from old, reclaimed materials.

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